Great 1-Day Skill Classes

 Whether you are taking these courses for CE, to satisfy an elective for another designation or just to sharpen your own professional development skills - all are worthwhile courses for the time and money

The Power Negotiator’s Playbook – Fast paced one day course that teaches the tactics, tools and techniques of how to take fair and eti=hical advantage of your competition for the benefit of the client you represent.  Today’s practitioners negotiate transactions in many different ways – live, live virtually, through email, in texts and emails.  These different methods require different skills and strategies since clients and cooperating agents have different communication styles.  Today’s negotiations are no longer “one-size-fits-all” so this course is essential for today’s practitioners.  An approved elective course for both ABR and SRS.  This course also offers 2 credits toward the CRB Designation. 

Harnessing the Power - Powerful course that demonstrates how your mind works utilizing the concepts of the Pacific Institute.  This course is life and career altering since it helps you neutralize self-sabotage in a real estate career by helping you understand what you prevent yourself from success and helps you visualize an empowering horizon line.  The moral of this course is "what do you want to be when you grow up" and "be careful what you wish for".  This is an elective course for the ABR and PMN designations.


Generation Buyer


HAFA Short Sales -  Focus on Freddie Mac's implementation requirements for the HAFA program, which includes short sale and deed-in-lieu alternatives to foreclosure. HAFA is designed to provide Servicers and borrowers an incentive to use a Short Sale (SS) or Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure (DIL) to avoid a foreclosure for HAMP-eligible loans. The program attempts to mitigate the impact of foreclosure on borrowers and communities by encouraging the private sale of properties or the voluntary transfer of properties from borrowers to investors.


Time Management for Busy People - Tips and Tools for getting organized and staying that way, manually and technologically! Efficient systems for dealing with return phone messages, clients, tasks, voice-mail, e-mail and snail-mail utilizing both manual and computerized contact management techniques. This 3 hour course is about getting organized and staying organized. 


Client Relocation and Representation - Effective management of the in-bound and out-bound transferee, both domestic and international with a special look at third-party referral do's and don'ts. CT Real Estate Commission white paper policy on After the Fact discussed.


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