Leadership Puzzle
Definitely puts all the pieces together for members so that they understand not only the basics but how each position fits with the others.  Fiduciary Duties, Anti-Trust, Voting on more than one level of the organization, how votes and actions get implemented, job descriptions, meeting agendas and much more.  Half, full day presentation
Tips and Tricks for Effective Public Speaking
Practical workshop on what NOT to do, how to prepare, knowing your subject matter, knowing when to stay on script or go rogue, conveying your points with passion, neutralizing fear and use and abuse of humor

Effective Meeting Management
There is nothing more painful than a poorly run meeting.  This program focuses on how the strategic plan creates activity for the committees and how action items are forwarded to the BOD.  Everyone's role in a meeting is reviewed along with the Fiduciaries, Conflicts of Interest and how the agenda should be moved.  The basics of Robert's Rules are reviewed but the main focus is just running an efficient and effective meeting so things can get done properly.

True Leadership
Using quotes from noted authors and personalities, this program looks at the true meaning of what a leader is, how they present themselves, how they lead, why they lead and the difference between leaders and managers.  Leaders aren't born, they are created by life's circumstances.  Great half day program or convention program.

Membership Metamorphosis
Associations are no longer one-size-fits-all.  Changing dynamics or running a member driven organization with 4 different generations in play and how thier perception of volunteerism, working on behalf of the board and getting serving in committee and board capacities is different. The importance of member demographics before leadership determines what programs, products and services to deliver.

Shift Happens
Great program that completely shatters the box.  A look at the 4 generations integrated within the real estate business/transaction and how different their communication preferences are.  A specific focus on GenX, GenY and NextGen as they impact the future of real estate, real estate transactions, the board and how their native technology abilities are integrated into our daily lives.  This is an awe-inspiring look at what's next in future trends for business and how the exponential changes will affect real estate professionals and the real estate business.

Putting the Pieces Together
This program helps leaders understand how the Local Association, State Asssociation, Region and National Association are connected.  In addition it reviews what happens when their are issues or areas of conflict and how the all of those players manage those realities.


Leadership 200
NAR program developed by the Ontario Real Estate Association, Becoming a leader is a beginner course and general overview for members who have had no training prior to serving on a committee.it reveiws the benefit of volunteering, the role of leaders, how to develop strategic planning skills, manage risk, understand conflict resolution.

Leadership 300
NAR program developed by the Ontario Real Estate Association, Enhancing Leadership Skills is an intermediate course and general overview for volunteers that have been on a committee and/or BOD and want to advance their skills.  Through case studies the workshop develops decision making and conflict resolution skills by understanding the strategic planning process, meeting management and governance models.


ADORNA CARROLL - Click to read full bio

Adorna is considered one of the most effective facilitators of Leadership Training, Bylaw Revision Facilitation and Strategic Planning for MLSs, companies and real estate associations in the US and Canada. She is a nationally recognized expert in Buyer Agency, Seller Agency and Agency Relationships; was honored as Connecticut's Educator of the Year, named to the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council (REBAC) Hall of Fame and is the 79th recipient of the National Association of Realtors® Distinguished Service Award.




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