Management Training Courses 

Whether you need a CE course, convention program, live-virtual "skypenar" or
multi-day training program - there is something for any type of course, event, program, workshop or seminar that will meet the professional development needs of Brokers, Managers, Team Leaders or Agents thinking about the management side of the business.


The 1-4 hour programs are perfect topics for conventions, CE courses and Live-Virtual
Skyepanars for Office Meetings or Association Seminars.

The 2-day Business Management courses can be offered individually or as a management series.

These are best done as Live Classes but can also be taught in a Live-Virtual format.




1 - 4 Hr Programs

Systems for Superior Business

Empowering Your Team

The Firm Rules
Time Management for Busy People


CRB Courses

Business Planning

Marketing Strategies

Sales Leadership

Positioning for Profit

ART of Recruiting

Tech Strategies

Leveraging Teams

Risky Business


System for Superior Service
Manual & Electronic methods utilized by Agents & Offices to interface with the buying and selling public. Consumers don't have to do business with us and generational attributes will influence the possible options practitioners have to service their needs.


Time Management for Busy People
Tips and Tools for getting organized and staying that way, manually and technologically! Efficient systems for dealing with return phone messages, clients, tasks, voice-mail, e-mail and snail-mail utilizing both manual and computerized contact management techniques.

Empowering Your Team
Real leadership is required to manage a cohesive and successful office that stays true to its core values, state license laws and code of ethics. must be protected by the entire team so that buying and selling consumers are treated honestly and fairly. An office or company is not neccessarily a team. This course will teach the managers and brokers how to become one cohesive unit while motivating their staff.

The Firm Rules: Risk Reducing Policies for Real Estate Firms
It makes no difference what the business specialty of the firm is; written policies need to be established, taught and readily made accessible. Written policy’s and procedure are designed to protect the broker, managers and the agents to create a solid foundation to work from . This includes internet, hiring, dispute, and general office operation policies. This course covers the nine keys areas that need to have clear and concise written policies. Clearly defined policies reduce your risk, if you don’t have these defined policies already in place or they have not been updated or reviewed, this session if for you.


CRB Courses-The below sessions lead to the CRB designation but are not required. Each course is a 2-day course with really good information. Each are 3 credits toward designation.

The A.R.T of Recruiting: Attract and Retain Talent-This hands on and interactive two-day recruiter’s workshop will strengthen and develop the skills of any person within your firm who is responsible for recruiting sales associates. Whether new or seasoned, the participant will walk through the steps of creating the company’s Recruiting Action Plan. This Action Plan will enable the participant to implement both foundational and advanced strategies for creating a high energy office environment that will attract potential recruits and retain existing productive associates. The participant will also develop and learn winning dialogues and best practices that they can immediately put to work, (and try on for size), in a safe group-practice setting.

Business Planning for Maximum Results-Strategic business planning and implementation are fundamental to the success of any real estate company. The plan must be relevant and address both internal and external changes and challenges.  In addition, it must be guided by the company’s values and vision and be executed so that every staff and/or team member is positioned to optimize their contribution.
This course provides you with a process for developing a strategic business plan, guidelines for implementing that plan and methods for how to apply the plan to real world situations. In addition, you will have the opportunity to examine a variety of business models, evaluate the impact of those internal and external influences and develop change strategies to meet the ever-evolving business environment. And, at the conclusion of each module you will have constructed a key part of your personalized business plan.

Marketing Strategies that Deliver Results-Today’s managers face the challenge of organizing, executing and measuring an effective marketing plan. Their strategy must optimize the firm’s resources and capitalize market opportunities while also considering the role of their agents. This course is structured to take you from marketing concepts to real world examples, and finally, to a customized, market-specific plan tailored to your company’s needs. You’ll learn to better understand the customer in order to achieve the best return on the marketing investment.

Position Your Business for Profit-In today's environment, profitability for many real estate businesses is razor-thin. A keen appreciation of the numbers behind the numbers will give you the edge you need. Learn the critical decision-making tools needed to focus on increasing profits while offering superior services. Real life examples and case studies show how these techniques can be smoothly integrated into the daily operation of your business. You'll also discover how to set financial objectives to achieve superior performance.

Real Estate is Risky Business-Now more than ever, brokerage managers and owners must carefully navigate their firm through an alarming number of risks and liabilities. Successful brokerages must employ solid risk management and reduction practices to insure their company against significant losses, lowered productivity and a damaged reputation. Register today and gain valuable insight as to what types of liabilities are found in everyday transactions and company operations. Participants will develop a risk management strategy filled with the best practices of other brokerages.

Sales Leadership that Drives Performance-Today’s managers must deal with a myriad of leadership challenges, such as recruiting, managing turnover, training and mentoring; in addition to running a successful and profitable business. This course is designed to help you understand different management and leadership techniques and apply them to real world situations. And at the conclusion of each of module, you’ll construct a key part of your personalized Sales Leadership Strategy.

Tech Tools and Tips for a Successful Business-When used effectively, technology should generate sales, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance customer service. And in order to take full advantage of the technology available today, you must identify the needs of your agents and your business. This course will help you develop and implement a comprehensive technology strategy tailored to your specific company goals and marketplace.

Understanding and Leveraging Teams-Real estate brokerage firms face the challenge of a market place that demands higher levels of service from both the brokerage firm and individual agents.  This increased demand creates a need for specialization and an unbundling of tasks associated with the real estate transaction (i.e., listing coordination/follow-up, transaction/closing follow-up, buyer’s agents, listing agents, marketing, client services, etc.)  At the same time, agents are limited by their individual capacity to perform all of the necessary tasks and continue to maximize their market share and ultimately, their revenue performance.  The opportunity exists for agents to improve their performance by building a high performance team.  Under this concept, a single agent can delegate, duplicate and eventually replicate work functions by leveraging their business through others.  If structured correctly, a multi-agent team can improve efficiency, maximize performance, and increase profitability..  This two-day workshop puts you back, front and center, in front of these teams and team leaders as their mentor, consultant and business manager.  This course is also good for those future team leaders who want to understand the team concept and the stages of growth of a successful team.

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