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That was a great class! You're great at what you do! Your enthusiasm is encouraging/contagious. I need to take your other short sale class as well. Will that one be happening again soon? I should have grabbed your business card.

Hoping I passed the class/test. :) I feel I absorbed all the info really well, but I may have rushed through the questions/answers a bit. 

I have a short sale in Cheshire I need to list soon. From what I learned yesterday, it may be totally feasible to get that property listed and sold! I may ultimately have a few questions.

Thanks for everything we learned yesterday! 
(I was the guy w/the hat. Glad you liked it!)

Realtor Ray


Thanks again for teaching the Principles and Practice course in Old Saybrook. I thought you, Tracy and David did a fantastic job teaching the material in an interesting and lively manner. I especially give you credit for being able to achieve this result with a fairly large class that had a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Matthew Callahan
Managing Director
Ash Creek Capital Management


I’ve heard such WONDERFUL things from the students (Mom, Dad, Karen Martin) as well as received two e-mails specifically thanking us all for a wonderful class (Ben Gillis & Gina McDonald).  Sounds like it was one heck of a class!!!!

Thank You,
Abby Krist, CAR


recently had the pleasure of attending the P&P real estate course offered by Dynamic Directions. Taking this class with the instructors Rhonda and Amy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Their combined teaching style made learning about real estate fun, interesting and interactive. It is obvious that they both really enjoy what they do!

I have and will continue to recommend this and future courses to anyone interested in attaining their real estate license.

Pam Hoffman

I want to take this time to thank you for your outstanding ability to not only teach Principles & Practice of Real Estate, but to make every effort to help us to" learn and retain" more than just words on paper.

You were sensitive to the fact that many of us have not been in a classroom environment in many years. Your teaching style of making word and phrase associations helped me to remember many definitions. Not to mention the fact that your level of patience was far above the call of duty.

Your focus was to have us pass and in your own words "leave no one behind". YOU DID SUCCEED 100%.

Once again, I say thank you for your dedication, sharing your knowledge and experiences and I look to you as a mentor.

Warmest regards,
Mary Esposito

Hi Rhonda,
Thank you for the great class two weeks ago at the Midd-Shore board.  Brian and I really enjoyed it and learned lots of great info.  Your teaching made the time go quickly, and was very valuable.   
We had our weekly meeting today and reviewed our notes from the class and are starting to implement and research the info we learned from you.
Thanks again and have a great week.

Leslie Jermainne

Thank you Adorna Carroll, The East coast lady that scared me in the beginning. Your classes have changed the course of my career. From knowing I was working with integrity and experience but feeling used and on the edge of burn out. To knowing that my clients will receive the excellent service they are looking for and being able to give it to them with the confidence of a true professional because I choose to do business with people that choose me.
Angela Matlock, Branch Broker
Metro Brokers of Oklahoma


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