Designation Courses


We offer many designation courses which are conferred by an Institute, Society or Council. Each Council has different criteria to earn their designation. Although there is no application fees, there will be an annual renewal fee, some may require elective courses, experiential requirements or other stipulations to earn and keep the designation. An additional clarification - NAR does NOT approve designation courses - they either own the designation courses or they don't.




SRS - Seller Representative Specialist
This internationally offered designation course focuses on the Seller Side of the transaction. It is an intense 2-day experience which will empower you to only take saleable listings. The course material offers an in-depth examination of real-world field scenarios when representing sellers clients by weaving in the manual & electronic realities of today's challenging economic market to do business legally and ethically. The course price includes the first year dues to the council. Phenomenal course that will help low and medium producers transform into Top Producers! SRS Designation conferred by the SRS Council, LLP. Listen to what recent graduates of the program had to say! SRS in Edmonton and Calgary

ABR: Accredited Buyer Representative Why ABR?

This 2-day designation course is the gold standard for the buyer's side of the transaction. Client-Level versus Customer-Level Service, Fiduciary Duties of representation, needs assessment, property selection, offering process, negotiation strategies and protecting the buyer's interests are explored in great deal. Great focus is placed on the buyer counseling session and setting the client's expectation level for a smooth transaction to retain the client for life. Marketing and Prospecting techniques are highlighted. Course fee includes the attendee's first year's dues. One additional elective course is required. TESTIMONIALS

SRES: SENIORS Real Estate Specialist
The SRES® Designation (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) course seeks to instill knowledge and understanding of and empathy for 50+ real estate clients and customers. Develop the business building skills and resources needed for specialization in the 50+ real estate market. The SRES® Designation (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) course counts as credit toward earning the SRES® Designation, awarded by the SRES® Council. It also meets the elective course requirement for the ABR® Designation as well as the RSPS® Certification (Resort and Second-home Property Specialist). A copy of the course completion certificate is required to receive credit towards your ABR® designation and/or RSPS® Certification.

Military Relocation Professional Certification Core Course
This course is designed to educate real estate professional about working with current and former military service members to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs and take full advantage of military benefits and support. This also qualifies for 6 CE credits. counts as a REBAC elective course to be applied towards the ABR® designation.

GREEN Designation Course
Two-day course gives students a broad understanding of how to explain to consumers what makes a home, building, or property green, how to list and market green properties while fulfilling ones legal and professional obligations, and how to implement green practices on the road and in the office. In addition, this course discusses how real estate consumers can determine the energy efficiency of their properties and take advantage of green grants and initiatives. NAR's Green Designation Core Course counts as credit toward earning the NAR's Green Designation, awarded by the Green REsource Council. This course also meets the elective course requirement for the ABR® Designation awarded by the Real Estate Buyers Agent Council (REBAC) 

CIPS - Certified International Property Specialist

The Certified International Property Specialist Network (CIPS Network) comprises 2,500 real estate professionals from 50 countries and is the specialty membership group for global business practitioners of the National Association of REALTORS®. The CIPS® designation prepares REALTORS® to service the growing international market in their local community by focusing on culture, exchange rates, investment trends, and legal issues.

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Real Estate Negotiation Expert
This certification is for real estate professionals who want to sharpen their negotiation skills. The RENE certification program gives REALTORS® the tips and tools they need to be skillful advocates for their clients.
PMN - Performance Management Network
Dynamic Directions is a Direct Provider for the excellent series offered through the Women's Council of Realtors. This series is focused on personal excellence and practical business skills. The four courses include Effective Negotiating for Real Estate Professionals; Networking & Referral Systems; The Business of Your Business and Harnessing the Power of Performance Management and each are detailed in the ABR & WCR Electives . The Harnessing & Negotiating courses counts as a REBAC elective course to be applied towards the ABR® designation. For more info on the PMN Designation go to

CRB - Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager
The Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB) is one of the most respected and relevant designations offered in real estate business management. The CRB designation is awarded to REALTORS® who have completed advanced educational and professional requirements. CRB Designees are better positioned to streamline operations, integrate new technology and apply new trends and business strategies. Join today and discover a new approach to enhancing knowledge and leveraging opportunity. CRB Courses are offered in a classroom setting or online.

Presented by Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers
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CRB Courses- The below sessions lead to the CRB designation. Each course is a 2-day course that offers 3 credits toward designation.

The A.R.T of Recruiting-This hands on and interactive two-day recruiter’s workshop will strengthen and develop the skills of any person within your firm who is responsible for recruiting sales associates. Whether new or seasoned, the participant will walk through the steps of creating the company’s Recruiting Action Plan. This Action Plan will enable the participant to implement both foundational and advanced strategies for creating a high energy office environment that will attract potential recruits and retain existing productive associates.


Analyzing Your Company for Profit-This advanced level, two-day workshop is like a bringing a financial consultant to your company! Using case studies of current real estate brokerage firms, you will learn methods and processes for analyzing your company’s financial operations and determining the value of your business. You’ll gain practical understanding of the relationship between gross commission income, variable expenses, fixed expenses, and profit. You’ll learn how to identify problems that block profit and how to develop specific solutions through exercises, brainstorming and discussion.

Business Planning for Maximum Results-This course provides you with a process for developing a strategic business plan, guidelines for implementing that plan and methods for how to apply the plan to real world situations. In addition, you will have the opportunity to examine a variety of business models, evaluate the impact of those internal and external influences and develop change strategies to meet the ever-evolving business environment. And, at the conclusion of each module you will have constructed a key part of your personalized business plan.  

Marketing Strategies that Deliver Results-This course is structured to take you from marketing concepts to real world examples, and finally, to a customized, market-specific plan tailored to your company’s needs. You’ll learn to better understand the customer in order to achieve the best return on the marketing investment.


Position Your Business for Profit-In today's environment, profitability for many real estate businesses is razor-thin. A keen appreciation of the numbers behind the numbers will give you the edge you need. Learn the critical decision-making tools needed to focus on increasing profits while offering superior services. Real life examples and case studies show how these techniques can be smoothly integrated into the daily operation of your business. You'll also discover how to set financial objectives to achieve superior performance.


Real Estate is Risky Business-Now more than ever, brokerage managers and owners must carefully navigate their firm through an alarming number of risks and liabilities. Successful brokerages must employ solid risk management and reduction practices to insure their company against significant losses, lowered productivity and a damaged reputation. Register today and gain valuable insight as to what types of liabilities are found in everyday transactions and company operations. Participants will develop a risk management strategy filled with the best practices of other brokerages.


Sales Leadership that Drives Performance-Today’s managers must deal with a myriad of leadership challenges, such as recruiting, managing turnover, training and mentoring; in addition to running a successful and profitable business. To succeed, you must develop and implement a leadership strategy that addresses these challenges and have the flexibility to adapt to different personalities and different situations. This course is designed to help you understand different management and leadership techniques and apply them to real world situations. And at the conclusion of each of module, you’ll construct a key part of your personalized Sales Leadership Strategy.


Tech Tools and Tips for a Successful Business-Finally a course focused on the technology needs of managers, brokers and owners!  When used effectively, technology should generate sales, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance customer service. This course will help you develop and implement a comprehensive technology strategy tailored to your specific company goals and marketplace.  You’ll start by studying fundamental issues such as office infrastructure, budgeting, investment and deployment. Then you’ll delve into critical management issues, such as evaluating needs, organizing training and implementing an office technology policy. Finally, you’ll develop a system to evaluate and measure the efficiency of your plan in order to make the best decisions based on YOUR company’s needs.